So what expertise do we have in this field?

The growing economy and strenuous demands of housing in Rustenburg and surrounding areas have seen the to rise and fall of the rental empire.  This however also has resulted in numbers of eviction applications hardly ever seen.  Creating one of the most dominant rental claims and evictions departments has led our firm to see to more than 2000 successful evictions and a staggering amount of rental claims, housing disputes, Rental Housing Tribunal arbitrations and collections of a vast amount of arrear rentals.

Adriaan Wessels has worked hand-in-hand with some of the largest mining houses in Rustenburg for more than a decade and have tried, tested, and developed systems and procedures designed specifically for their great number of housing needs.

Understanding the specific economic needs in the area, incorporating knowledge of the Rental Housing Act, the PIE Act, the law of Contract, the Consumer Protection Act and being able to work your way in and out of Court or the Rental Housing Tribunal is crucial when engaging into any dispute of this nature.  You do need someone who truly understands the law, the intricacies related to housing disputes, rental claims, evictions and who then adapts the correct procedure available to you in order ensure the most efficient and effective result.

We have adopted and set-in place procedures, systems, and process in order to provide the most efficient service in the field.  Some of these include a unique progress report system where all progress is noted and is able of easy exchange between my office and the client as well as a phase system in relation to progress in a matter whereby the fee payable is fixed and can be directly correlated with the specific stage of completion reached.

Simply put, nobody does evictions like we do.  Fast, efficient, and cost effective.

We have set fee structure but remain open for further suggestions and are therefore willing to discuss a structure for your specific needs.

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