A smart man only believes half of what he hears, a wise man knows which half –
Jeff Cooper

Despite specializing in rental claims and evictions, litigation forms the backbone of our expertise as this is where it all started.  Since joining a firm in Bloemfontein during 2006, Adriaan Wessels has moved across the Freestate, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and ultimately the North West where he has built a reputation as well-known Court litigant.

Seeing to collections, civil and other litigation in more than thirty different Courts over five different provinces over the course of 16 years we don’t shy away from Court litigation, but have seen to some of our greatest accomplishments inside the Court room. We currently service a vast area throughout the North West and Gauteng and can frequently be found in both Magistrates and High Courts across these two provinces.

We do more than just  “talk-the-talk”, but to actually “walk-the-walk” and are distinguishable by great efficiency, expertise and success.

Can anyone be a Google lawyer?

Ever so often I meet a client who clearly has made the effort to study his case, has considered the merits of his case, and has gone over and beyond to do some further research online. In this day and age…. read more

What are my rights when pulled over by a police officer? 

A uniformed police officer has the right to stop any vehicle at any time. If you are stopped by the police, you are obliged to give your name and address, if required, and any other particulars concerning your identity. You are entitled…. read more

A word on the protection from Harassment Act  

Highly anticipated and long overdue, April 2013 at very last saw the Protection from Harassment Act of 2011 come into operation to provide a vast protection for a range of common law infringements and acts of harassment against the rights of persons and children, who are not family or in a “family relationship” to one another….. read more

Purchasers must be aware of Section 118 of the Municipal Act 

We are often requested to advise prospective purchasers, as to the risks involved when purchasing a property where the municipal rates and taxes are in arrears for a period of more than two years.Section 118 of the Municipal Systems Act …. read more